Orquesta "Celestial"

Orquesta's Our Final Expedition probably isn't the sort of record one would think of when imagining an album inspired by outer space. Instead of futuristic lazer-synth noises and robotic blips, Ireland-based Orquesta uses Latin rhythms and South American instrumentation to conjure images of space flight through astronomical bodies. Featured here, "Celestial" boasts a wandering pan flute melody over an easy-going, syncopated beat; it's the type of tune you might listen to while lazily flipping through an over-sized coffee table book about the solar system. The six-song EP will be the very first release from Meles Meles, a record label founded by Orquesta himself, and will arrive on March 27. A preview stream of the EP, along with the artwork and tracklist, can be found after the jump.

1. Una Supernova
2. Celestial
3. Niburu
4. The Lunar Maria (feat. Katie Kim)
5. Carl Sagan
6. Apollo 1