Kuhrye-oo "Energy Vampire (Edit)"

New York's UNO imprint has unveiled the next edition of its generous series of free EPs, which we first caught wind of last month thanks to a helping of manic beats from Arca. Now, the label has tapped Candadian producer Kuhrye-oo for an EP of edits, an introduction to his heavy, swirling beatmaking. The globe-trotting Kuhrye-oo (who has been doing time as part of Grimes' live band as well as maintaining a role in the hyper electro-pop outfit Born Gold) has tried his hand at reworking three songs for the free endeavor. Here, he warps I-f's "Energy Vampire" into much more brooding territory. The resulting tune is a dark, bass-laden affair, with just the right touches of complexity to keep things moving, though not enough to confuse a dancefloor. You can download the entire House of Edits EP (artwork above) here.

Energy Vampire (edit)