The Pearl "Flesh Eaters (Distal Remix)"

"Fun" isn't exactly the first word that comes to mind when discussing the grab-all term that is "bass music," but it does sound like Distal had a good bit of fun reworking "Flesh Eaters." Sure, there's nothing jovial about the music here—in fact, it's pretty sinister—but Distal does seem to have an effortless command over his sonic landscapes; we'd like to imagine he enjoys exercising this control as much as we enjoy listening to the results. Bouncing us through a few infectiously heavy rhythms, the Atlanta producer takes this rework to every imaginable corner, even cutting the drums entirely at one point and landing the tune in almost new-age territory for the briefest of moments. If the original version from The Pearl is half as good as this, then the forthcoming 7" from Circuitree (artwork above)—which will serve as home to both versions of "Flesh Eaters"—should prove a worthwhile use of wax. You can pre-order that 7" before it officially drops on April 12 over on the label's Bandcamp.

Flesh Eaters (Distal Remix)