Myrryrs "Fantom Doze"

Rap trends come and go, but it seems that crunk is here to stay. It's certainly a major pillar of the music being turned out by Myrryrs. Last year's Feel U and Blood of a Slave EPs certainly bore traces of the Nashville producer's love for hip-hop, but his just-released I'm a State of Mind EP (artwork above), which dropped via LA's Body High imprint, at times borders on Southern rap worship. Yet, as a quick listen to the woozily potent "Fantom Doze" proves, it's not a bad thing. Founded upon a sturdy framework of snapping drum-machine beats, the track unleashes an infectious array of vocal loops and lazily lilting technicolor synths. It would be easy to say that "Fantom Doze" sounds like something off the radio, but honestly, it sounds a whole lot better than most of what's on the radio these days.

Fantom Doze