Vosper "Hidden Faces (Polar Remix)"

Meant Records, the Parisian imprint headed by DJ/producer Remain (a.k.a. Romain Rouffiac), will release its latest bit of material next week in the form of a five-song EP from Canadian duo Vosper (pictured above). The record will contain three original productions and two remixes, including this take on "Hidden Faces" by Polar. The remix tones down the iciness of the original and gives the bassline a bit more groove, all of which steers the track closer to house territory than the mechanical techno of its source material. Vosper's Release EP, named for its title track, is the debut output from the duo made up of Montreal denizens Edouard Le and Christopher Byron, and will be available on April 9. Until then, you can take a look at the EP's artwork, as well as stream samples of each of its tunes, after the jump.

Hidden Faces (Polar Remix)