LPZ "Snake & Butterfish"

While South American countries like Chile, Argentina, and Brazil can reliably be counted on for developing high-quality dance producers (e.g. Daniel Klauser, the ZZK collective, and Gui Boratto), the small, landlocked nation of Paraguay has yet to emerge as an internationally renowned creative hub. Production trio LPZ—billed as the "South America's hottest export since Gisele Bundchen"—is doing its best to change that with the release of a three-song EP, called 1983, which is out on May 14 through London-based imprint Body Work. "Snake & Butterfish," the EP's final tune, is a slow bit of acid house with a heavy, stomping beat paired with high-pitched synths and vocal performances. A full stream of 1983, as well as the EP's artwork, can be found after the jump.

Snake & Butterfish