Torkelsen "Ugle"

This is the second time we're hearing of the sampling prowess of one Kristian Torkelsen, a self-professed crate-digger and vinyl-manipulating artist operating out of Fredrikstad, Norway. He's sent through a nifty little number from his debut LP, a vintage Ninja Tune-sounding effort entitled "Ugle." Traces of old-school Amon Tobin and the wax-plundering ethos of Stones Throw could be reference points for the work of Torkelsen, but when listening to the track, it's important to acknowledge just how far "out there" he really goes with his sampling, pulling in disparate sources from what is likely a large cache of forgotten plates. There really isn't a whole lot of concrete information on this 23-year-old producer as of yet, but you can check out the rest of his self-titled debut LP, after the jump.