Techno Bro "Wicked Slice"

Before dubstep took off in the United States, the stereotypical frat boy and nearly any stripe of electronic music seemed to go together about as well as water and oil. But as brostep has proven to be an amazingly resilient trend over the last couple of years, it doesn't seem far fetched now to predict a future for genres like "brohouse" and "techbro," whatever they might be. While we're not exactly sure if Techno Bro (a.k.a. Craig Sopo, co-founder of Baltimore imprint More or Less) is indeed aiming for a flat-billed-cap-wearing fanbase with his newest tunes, the quirky tech-house of "Wicked Slice" should at least catch the ear of those already interested in punchy percussion and bouncy beats. The track, along with three other originals from Sopo and three remixes, appears on Techno Bro's latest EP, Brahaus (artwork above), which is out now.

Wicked Slice