Nitemoves "Challenger"

Oakland-based musician Rory O'Connor (a.k.a. Nitemoves) began composing his debut solo effort while serving as the touring drummer for recording artists Tycho and Com Truise. His nine-track LP, titled Longlines, was released earlier this week through Moodgadget, and it's a wide-ranging, synth-heavy effort that touches on easy-going pop, experimental cacophony, and various points in between. As one might expect from a record written largely while travelling in the backseat of a touring vehicle, the songs are drenched in introspection and wanderlust, taking cues and inspiration from various locales while harnessing a feeling of isolation. "Challenger," the second cut from the album, is a straightforward bit of nostalgia-inducing pop that stacks layers of synths over manipulated vocal snippets before melting away into the next track on Longlines. After the jump, take a look at the LP's artwork and full tracklisting.

1. Port Au Prism
2. Challenger
3. Broken Cub
4. Tertre Rouge
5. Maynelyne
7. BVR
8. 1903
9. Grinder


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