Vaghe Stelle "Ciclo 4"

This contemplative, synth-driven number comes courtesy of Vaghe Stelle, an Italian producer honing in on a sound that falls somewhere between the kosmische-laden experiments of John Elliot's Spectrum Spools imprint and the lush, deeply felt techno of the Kompakt camp. "Ciclo 4" begins with a distorting, spacious melody shifting its filter envelope until a thumping beat kicks in with hypnotic shakers and a sidechained synth tone leading the festivities. Before two minutes have gone by, we're introduced to a slowly disintegrating arpeggio, which carves a melancholic hole into the center of the song and ultimately results in a drowsily delirious effect. Vaghe Stelle released an EP this past March on Shabu; you can listen and read more on the six-track offering (including a remix by XLR8R podcast contributor BNJMN) here.

Ciclo 4