Fidser "Activate (Space, Ladies Remix)"

This week, Warsaw-based label Concrete Cut will release the first record from Krakow's Fidser, the Check This Out EP. In addition to introducing four original tracks from the producer, Fidser's EP showcases the talents of three other Polish producers—Space, Ladies, Hatti Vatti, and Artfruit—who remixed Fidser's work. Space, Ladies' rework of "Activate" slows the original's breakneck tempo down, but retains its skittering, arpeggiated melodies and maximalist tendencies toward thunderous kicks and bursts of sound. The remix goes through multiple transformations, at times employing creaky synth squawks that resemble those used in Baauer's "Harlem Shake" or RL Grime's "Trap On Acid," and focusing on a tinkling chime melody at others.

Activate (Space, Ladies Remix)

Activate (Space Ladies Remix)

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