Agoria "Panta Rei (Max Cooper Remix)"

As a part of its Infiné Exclusive summer compilation, European label Infiné has offered this Max Cooper remix of Agoria's "Panta Rei". The track is an ambling journey of ascending arpeggiated synths with an undeniable groove and infectious energy imbued by the production's hypnotic repetition. The tight synths pair with reverb-addled claps and a 4/4 kick pattern as the descending bassline helps keep the song well-balanced and structurally sound. The gradually rising "aaah"s and "oooh"s float atop Max Cooper's mix, and characterize the airy nature of his song. Infiné Exclusive—which also contains remixes from Ben Klock, Sasha, and dOP, among others—is out today, and you can stream the whole thing after the jump.

Panta Rei (Max Cooper Remix)

Panta Rei (Max Cooper Remix)

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