James T. Cotton "Love Canopy and Vessels"

James T. Cotton, one of the many aliases of employed by Tadd Mullinix, has just released his latest EP, Beats in Space, via Shaddock Records. The title track, a playful spin on the sounds of early techno and classic house, was apparently signed on the spot when Shaddock reps heard Mullinix playing it out at a gig in Berlin. The record also features a remix of the title track by New York City's MadTeo, along with two new originals. "Love Canopy and Vessels" is one of those originals, and it offers a smooth take on the sounds of vintage Detroit and Chicago with its funky, '80s-leaning bassline, swelling pads, and deep marimbas. Check out more from Shaddock Records on the label's SoundCloud, Facebook, and Twitter.

Love Canopy and Vessels

Love Canopy And Vessels