Snorlax "Bottle Service"

LA-based record hub Alpha Pup has announced that its first release of the year will be a 19-track compilation called TeamSupreme: Collection 1, featuring songs taken from the TeamSupreme weekly challenge. The challenge, which began last April, was conceived as a game where artists were invited to create a one-minute track in 60 minutes, adhering to the rules of a set bpm and a predetermined sample. As the competition went on, the rules gradually changed—offering longer periods for production and even more samples to work with—and each week brought in new producers inchmeal. One such producer is LA's Snorlax, who lends one of the few non-trap-leaning numbers to the first collection of extended TeamSupreme tracks. The undulating bass on "Bottle Service" is garnished with brazen percussion and bongo-like drums, and is given a bit of radiance from the brightly shining vocal chops hanging high above its nuclear sky. Look for the rest of Alpha Pup's compilation when it drops on January 29.

Bottle Service