Naulot "Birds (PEEV Daisy Chain Remix)"

Helmed by Parisian bass adventurer Douster, the fledgling Bebup label is set to drop its third EP next month in the form of a debut outing from Lyon's Naulot. To introduce the fresh face to the XLR8R faithful, Bebup has offered up this remix from PEEV, another of Lyon's budding tunesmiths, who works the forthcoming EP cut "Birds" into an almost eight-minute workout of tough rhythms and industrial FX. Somehow managing to bury itself deeper and deeper underneath a seemingly limitless array of percussion, PEEV's rework is the kind of forceful dancefloor fare that should prove a nice accompaniment to Naulot's brand of "heavy, cinematic dub-techno" when his Leave EP drops in March.

Naulot - Birds (PEEV Daisy Chain Remix)