Divvorce & Hound Scales "Hhhdx"

Brookyn-based producers Divvorce (pictured above) and Hound Scales reshuffle jungle and acid beyond their breaking points, letting the pieces run wild and reassemble at a destination unknown. The results offer a strangely nostalgic vibe, recalling the warehouse rave scene which the pair is openly indebted to. "Hhhdx" is a one-off collaborative track from Divvorce & Hound Scales, and serves as a sort of starter dish for the upcoming Used Experience EP, due on March 26 via the fledging Fifth Wall label. The EP features four original productions from Divvorce, one of which features Hound Scales, and remixes from Tectonic affiliate Grenier and Skudge alchemist MRSK. After giving "Hhhdx" your full attention, be sure to check out the tracklist, artwork, and previews for the Used Experience EP after the jump.

1. E1
2. E2 (feat. Hound Scales)
3. E3
4. E4
5. E2 (feat. Hound Scales) (Grenier Reformat)
6. E3 (MRSK Remix)