Blackjob "MMD (Monolithium Remix)"

In July of last year, Italian producer Mannaman launched a new project under the name Blackjob, issuing the handle's debut EP, Trashdub, via the Original Cultures label. Now, a handful of remixes have been commissioned for Trashdub Remixed, including this version of "MMD" from Canadian producer Monolithium. As he's been known to do, Monolithium deftly dissects a number of styles on his rework, placing clattering percussion, distant vocals, and cascading synth melodies amongst a kick-and-snare pattern that almost moves into breakbeat territory. And aren't those arps just the sweetest? Both the digital and 12" versions of the Trashdub Remixed EP will be available on February 25.

MMD (Monolithiuum Remix)