Orquesta "Voyage"

The first thing one has to point out when mentioning "Voyage" from Dublin-based artist Orquesta is the percussion. It's remarkably restrained despite the amount of sounds at work in the background, with Orquesta giving every drum and shaker in his kit a chance to stroll across the production's sunset-drenched landscape. Each instrument on the track has ample breathing room: The jazzy chords, childlike vocal samples, and the briefly surfacing guitar which ushers in the track's final curtain all sound like they're coming from a room other than the one we're listening in. Orquesta sent over this precise and melancholic freebie to mark the relaunch of his website, as well as announce his plans to release a collaborative project with Bubblin' Up producer Kid Simpl (not to mention his inclusion in this year's Red Bull Music Academy in NYC).



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