Squeaky Lobster "Y.N.V."

The handle of Brussels-based producer Squeaky Lobster seems to do the quality of his productions a bit of a disservice. While his cheeky moniker may have been slightly lost in translation, the potency of his hip-hop-flavored, incredibly detailed beats certainly has not. "Y.N.V." comes to us as an extra cut from the sessions which yielded the man's forthcoming Killing Eleven EP for hometown imprint Vlek, but still serves an impressive example of the larger-than-life boom-bap Squeaky Lobster is able to conjure up—filling this particular cut to the brim with slithering synth tones, massive kicks, and rapidfire snares. The producer's Killing Eleven EP drops on February 11, but can be streamed in full prior to that date, after the jump.