inc. "Careful (Deebs Edit)"**

A quick once-over of Toronto-based beatmaker Deebs' (pictured above) back catalog shows that the regular Pelican Fly and Melt contributor has an impressive resume when it comes to remixing. Unlike artists like Shlohmo, whose remixes often darken the mood and slow the tempo, Deebs packs his reworks with as many left turns as he can manage, while sticking close to the chemistry that makes his original tunes work. Rather than merely making a cosmetic facelifts or turning in an entirely original production in disguise, but Deebs' efforts often land somewhere in the middle, drawing the spotlight to his own style while making sure the source material gets its due. His take on "Careful" by inc. is no exception. Over an engrossing four minutes, he lifts the original out of its nocturnal funk, throwing in swirls of rolling synths atop the original melodies while shuffling his drums like a deck of cards underneath.

Careful (Deebs Edit)