Lotide "Diamond Plum"*Astro:Dynamics*

Brooklyn lo-fi experimentalist and Astro Nautico chum Lotide (a.k.a. Devon Hansen) has been creeping in the corners of the Northeast's beat scene, quietly perfecting a cross of ambient sounds and skeletal half-time beats. "Diamond Plum," a standout cut taken from his forthcoming beat tape, Moonless (which will also be available digitally), is a prime example of his more fully realized and beautiful tunes. The song centers around a ghostly duet between an absent-minded vocal sample and a dubbed-out organ. Bells and quick melodic flourishes lazily find their way into the mix, yet they don't sound like they were diligently chosen and placed; rather, Lotide simply vibes along to the bed he laid at the outset of "Diamond Plum." Extra elements are thrown in casually, their timing akin to a puff from a cigarette in the middle of a nocturnal conversation. Moonless is out April 1 on cassette and digital. In addition to this download of "Diamond Plum," Astro:Dynamics has sent along a short video clip for interlude "Monks"; created by Camila Carrillo of Mutualist Collective, it can be viewed after the jump.

Diamond Plum