Hound Scales "Dorian Hope"*Infinite Machine*

"Dorian Hope" is not a tune to take lightly. New York-via-San Francisco producer Hound Scales, who's been busy getting his new Fifth Wall label off the ground with frequent collaborator/co-founder Divvorce, is set to release an additional 12" on Infinite Machine. "Dorian Hope," the b-side from the forthcoming single, is built from the ground up on abrasive textures, screaming machines, and twisted feedback, all of which chip away at the house tune trying to climb out of the murk. The surprisingly sweet chord change that quietly kicks in at the one-minute mark does little to fight off the maelstrom, as Hound Scales is quick to introduce a marching bassline that beats back any potential comfort. Still, this is all very danceable, solid work from a producer who's building a pedigree of degrading, punishing house that pays off, both on the dancefloor and in headphones. "Suction Clip" b/w "Dorian Hope" is out March 11.

Dorian Hope