Biblo "Floater"*Aentitainment *

Turkish beatmaker Biblo has checked in with another offering, the latest being a fuzzy cloud of noise and thudding percussion titled "Floater." It's a cut from her forthcoming new album, Moved, which German outpost Aentitainment plans to release on transparent vinyl next month. As opposed to "Crazy Eyes," a pulsing track from her Slave to Love EP that she sent our way last summer, "Floater" taps into more desolate vibes, relying upon a simple beat and barren soundscape to carry its layered, barely intelligible vocal sighs. The tracklist for Moved can be viewed after the jump.

A1 Floater
A2 Mind You
A3 Some Soil
B1 Burnt Offering
B2 For No One
B3 Infatuation
B4 Losing Light