Wildarms "Full Hearts (Doss Remix)"*Cascine*

On the surface, not much is known about the producer who goes by Doss, but the fact that the shadowy artist is now signed to Acephale means that she'll be joining the ranks of How to Dress Well, Elite Gymnastics, Korallreven, and Memory Tapes, among others. Previously, only Doss' remix of How to Dress Well's "& It Was U" had surfaced, but this new rework of Wildarms' (pictured above) "Full Hearts"—the opening cut from his Clear Eyes EP—has further sparked our interest. Doss transforms Wildarms' free-form original into a more dancefloor-ready groove, with soft, periodically shifting rhythms that alternately employ elements of R&B, hip-hop, and drum & bass. The production comes off as effortless, and that notion is further emphasized with repurposed elements from the original, including bird chirps, Eastern-inspired pentatonics, and relaxed handclaps.

Full Hearts (Doss Remix)