Beatbully "Silent Escape"*Dødpop*

"Silent Escape," a tune crafted by Dødpop co-founder Beatbully, is something of a bait and switch, as it presents one thing to the listener before suddenly shifting gears and taking off in another direction. The skweee stalwart begins his track with rapid heartbeat kicks, but then the snares take things back 10 years into trip-hop. Beatbully makes solid use of the sinister synths that circle the percussion in the background, occasionally dropping everything out and leaving only a distant hum, or to great effect, dead silence. In short, "Silent Escape" is a track laden with details that slowly come out over multiple listens. The song is featured on the freshly released Dødpop Vol. 3 (artwork above), which also features cuts from Stones Throw pillars Baron Zen and Tekblaser, fellow skweee heads Randy Barracuda and Melkeveien, and more.

Silent Escape