Chicago Flotation Device "Untitled 6"**

There is very little info on the three-piece Chicago Flotation Device, other than that the crew is based out of London and operates as a strictly analog techno/house outfit. The group has proclaimed its sound to be a "return to the warehouse," and the description couldn't be more apt. "Untitled 6" is as raw and gritty as house tunes come, sounding like it was tailor made for unlicensed raves going long past the midnight hour. The trio soaks all the percussion with abandoned, ghostly reverb, keeping the arrangement as sparse as possible with only a one-chord synth stab binding the track together. Despite its eight-minute length, "Untitled 6" flies by. With only one more publicly unveiled tune under its belt, Chicago Flotation Device is still a mystery, albeit a dark and intriguing one, with no further releases scheduled on the horizon.

Silent Escape

Untitled 6