Graeme "Counterpunch"*Hsüan*

Hsüan, the label led by Irish producer Graeme, has kept a steady rotation of artists (Blacktee, EOMAC, Drop/Dead, and others) going the past two years despite remaining somewhat insular and quiet. Nonetheless, a wealth of excellent material lurks behind the outpost's proverbial curtain, not the least of which is this new tune by Hsüan's founder. "Counterpunch" doesn't try to be anything else beyond a solid slab of well-constructed house, however, there's a lot to tear into here: Graeme flies a single chord progression into the sun for the entire track's duration, keeping his finger on the fader and gradually ramping the volume up while it all soaks in a bath of reverb. The percussion is no slouch either; boasting borderline painful bass tones glued onto the kicks, "Counterpunch" is nothing if not a flat out fun tune.