Power "Longer Days, Darker Nights"**

Cork-based beatsmith Chris Power can't be faulted for having an abundance of energy: The producer, who simply goes by Power and comprises half of Manmaid, is a spritely 19 years old, and still seems to be experimenting with his sound on each new track. Featured here, "Longer Days, Darker Nights" might be something Power should explore further. It's a very energetic cut driven by sparse, hiccuping percussion and an infectious synth that helps set the tone for the rest of the production. As it continues on, "Longer Days, Darker Nights" is joined by minor-key bells, clipped vocals, and washes of ambient synths that swell inside of the major-key progression, all of which keep Power's music fresh and somewhat unpredictable.

Longer Days, Darker Nights

Longer Days_Darker Nights