Adapt "Rokcr Broth"*Avantroots*

On his recent LP for Barcelona-based label Avantroots, Adapt does not spend much time messing around with four-on-the-floor rhythms, but when he does, he makes them count—and the best example of such is "Rokcr Broth." Pulled from the producer's Atlántico LP, the tune uses its steady kick as a guidepost from which hang an innumerable amount of minute sonic details, one-off FX tricks, and just a hint of vocal processing. Despite its stripped-back arrangement, "Rokcr Broth" is a surprisingly soulful production, one that really sinks into its bluesy chord progression as the producer follows his heart through every conceivable subtle sonic twist. It all makes for a finely crafted and highly repeatable listen from the burgeoning Spanish tunesmith.

Rokcr Broth