Airbird & Napolian "Special"*Cascine *

Yesterday, the Cascine imprint dropped the debut single (artwork above) from newly formed production pair Airbird & Napolian (a.k.a. Joel Ford of Ford & Lopatin and LA producer Ian Evans). The digital single's a-side, "In the Zone," is a breezy slice of synth-obsessed beatwork, but b-side "Special" is a much more energetic affair, one which channels French-style filter house and '80s synth-pop into a modern, slightly shuffling package. The result is somewhat reminiscent of Chaz Bundick's work as Les Sins but with an extra dose of retro gloss added on top. Airbird & Napolian's "In the Zone" single precedes the pair's forthcoming debut full-length, which is set to drop this winter via Cascine.