Janis "Movin' Up"*House is OK*

Curating collective House is OK formed out of the minds of producers Homeboy, Janis, and Oliver Achatz, who have been cobbling one-off tunes for their diverse house compilation series We Make Music. Featured here, Janis' "Movin' Up" is taken from the third installment, and is a long step sideways from the normally cavernous, bleary-eyed house tracks from past releases—trading the deep, unlit spaces for neon-soaked, strutting funk. The production is a very textured and engrossing listen, burning synth wobbles and a mercilessly groovy bassline at a steady rate while a buried vocal chant see-saws from speaker to speaker. We Make Music Vol. 3 is out on June 24, and can be previewed before then, after the jump.

Movin' Up