Oscar Key Sung "B Good (Vocal City)"

Earlier this month, rising Australian producer Oscar Key Sung released the <3 Symbols beat tape, a five-track effort made up of "tape-loop beats, [all] made with a four-track, a delay pedal, and a reverb pedal." "B Good (Vocal City)" serves as the collection's opening tune, with its loose-jointed rhythms enhanced by a set of deliciously funky chords and a hypnotically looped vocal sample. At times, the beat sounds like it's just about to completely fall apart, but the track never ventures too far off the rails—and in the end, is probably better for it. Oscar Key Sung's entire <3 Symbols beat collection is availbile now as a name-your-price download over on Bandcamp.

B Good (Vocal City)

B Good (Vocal City)

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