Spirit Guide "Boo Suena"*Ounce*

Brooklyn producer Spirit Guide just sent over this shuffling cut from his forthcoming Intimacy EP, which is due out on August 14 via Ounce. "Boo Suena" represents a wide palette of inspiration for the artist, as he combines seemingly unrelated samples to form a genre-defying whole. Breakneck drumwork, sub-infused basslines, and aggressive synths are all at work here, and as a result, the track's quieter moments become all the more important. Often, it's that same negative space which nearly brings the tune to a screeching halt—like the appearance of a lone, distant piano in the track's spontaneous ambient bridge, for example—before Spirit Guide smartly returns to an infectious chorus which emanates darker undertones.

Boo Suena

Boo Suena

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