Headlock "High Beams"

New York-based artist Lou DiBenedetto (a.k.a. Headlock) will inaugurate the city's budding Sci-Fi & Fantasy label with its first LP release on October 29. Headlock's self-titled debut is a pool of ambient improvisations that intentionally shy from drum sounds, samples, and vocals in favor of pure synth explorations. Taken from that release, "High Beams" ebbs and flows in a slow morass of fleeting pads, creating a wistful, reflective mood that sounds resigned to the world's disorder. With the piece, DiBenedetto reflects an endgame state of history, but one that could also be a beginning. The artwork and tracklist for Headlock can be perused after the jump.

1. Coax
2. Trails
3. B
4. Don't
5. High Beams
6. Spell
7. Stretcher
8. Last Track of All Last Tracks
9. Premier

High Beams

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