Distal & Astroboyz "Acid Sketch"

Pulled from the forthcoming edition of Red Bull Music Academy's quasi-annual Various Assets compilation is a one-off collaboration from Atlanta man-of-many-talents Distal and rising Spanish producer Astroboyz, who was breifly profiled in our Bubblin' Up Week feature on Barcelona's emerging electronic scene. While both attending last year's RBMA session in New York, the producers had a chance to collaborate for a few hours in the studio, and the fast-paced, appropriately titled "Acid Sketch" is the result. That session seems to have provided both Distal and Astroboyz with their first chance at tweaking a real TB-303, and their enthusiasm for the silver unit's classic sound is heard all over "Acid Sketch," as sharp and propulsive rhythms are laid down with the sole purpose of serving as a bed for the active filter tweaks which run throughout. RBMA's full Various Assets compilation will see a free digital release tomorrow, conveniently on the same day that the academy will begin accepting applications for its 2014 session in Tokyo.

Acid Sketch