Kindimmer "Choice"

The once-stark borders between house and techno have become increasingly blurred over recent years, with an ever-growing number of producers finding an abundance of possibilities nestled finely between the two staples of dance music fare. One such producer is Kindimmer, a Berlin resident whose "Choice" cut comes laced with a techno pulse, but uses a more house-minded bounce to swing its gaseous chords and shuffled hats and snares. More important than where exactly "Choice" lands on the house/techno spectrum though is the fact that this bonus cut serves as a companion piece to Kindimmer's Machine Visions EP (artwork above)—out this week via Germany's fledgling Telefonplan label with four more pieces of swinging club music from Kindimmer. Limited to 200 vinyl copies, that new record can be previewed in the player included after the jump.