Adultrock "Clear"

Adultrock's "Clear" is anything but what its title suggests. Pulsing steadily below 120 bpm, the slow-brewing track marches its way through five-plus minutes of murky electronics, covered at all angles by the cyclical sweeps of filtered noise and bubbling arpeggios. Though, the real gem of "Clear" waits a minute (well, just over three minutes to be exact), when Adultrock elects to strip back the production's haziest layers before hitting on a new, analog-tweaked bassline and dropping us off in the murk yet again. In the end, "Clear" makes for an intriuging introduction to the work of the Irish producer, and boasts well for Adultock's upcoming Chants EP for Dublin's Bodytonic label; especially when one considers that the upcoming five-track effort (out in March) comes backed by remixes from Naum Gabo and Ghost 202 (a.k.a. L.I.E.S. boss Ron Morelli and Svengalisghost).