Gobby "Hidden Temple"

Gobby is a producer who can be hard to pin down. Usually found releasing on hometown label UNO, the enigmatic talent has today released a new three-track effort via the fledgling Tar label. Entitled The Films: A Lucid Nightmare, the new record opens with "Hidden Temple," an unexpectedly sun-kissed tune which finds Gobby playing with a particularly radiant sample and a few bits of rattling percussion atop a simple kick-and-snare pattern. For the most part, "Hidden Temple" follows a familiar path, with Gobby peacefully sweeping FX across the sample's surface while hints of airy textures flow through it. The track essentially stops just past the three-minute mark, and turns into a completely new (but no less intriguing) song—just another example of Gobby's ability to keep us guessing. To help celebrate the release of The Films: A Lucid Nightmare, Gobby will perform alongside a number of other NYC artists tomorrow at Brooklyn's Cameo Gallery; more info on the event can be found here.

Hidden Temple