Arts The Beatdoctor "Moebius' Travels (Julien Mier Remix)"

By now, remixes appearing in our Downloads section from Dutch producer Julien Mier isn't exactly unexpected. The man's take on Arts the Beatdoctor' "Moebius' Travels" (which appeared as a free download in its original form in the fall of last year), is just the latest example of Mier's reworking capabilities. Here, he pulls Arts the Beatdoctor's production out from its subterranean starting point, exchanging the low, bellowing reach of the original for a sound that is much more precise and lined with airy textures. "Moebius' Travels (Julien Mier Remix)" appears alongside a handful of others on the Lazy Thunder Remixes EP, out now via Lowriders Collective.

Moebius' Travels (Julien Mier Remix)