Sleepyhead "Untitled"

Somewhat ironically, Sleepyhead's bluesy "Untitled" serves as the titular track of the NYC producer's forthcoming EP for ASL Singles Club, a brand-new label helmed by ex-LOL Boy Markus Garcia (a.k.a. Heartbeat(s)). Having released material via Trouble & Bass and Embassy in recent years, Sleepyhead's forthcoming Untitled EP (out on February 18) appears to see the burgeoning talent delivering his most straight-up house material, of which "Untitled" falls perfectly in line. The tune is a swimming piece of deep house sprinkled with an assortment of re-pitched vocal samples, a production which cuts through its lush layers of dusty chords and spiralling arpeggios with an understated shuffle. Sleepyhead also manages to mix in a few subtle layers of looped party noises and hand claps as well, and to great effect.