Community Corporation "Grandmont-Rosedale War"

Budding Detroit-based producer Community Corporation recently collected 10 new productions for The Salt Mines, a cassette and digital release which appeared via Michigan's Crisis Urbana label earlier this month. Nestled towards the end of the record is "Grandmont-Rosedale War," an ever-pulsing techno excursion which wraps an array of delay-strewn melodies and reverb-washed textures around sharply programmed drum machines and a simple series of alternating chords. The tune proves very much to be in the Midwest techno tradition, as it balances a soulful undercurrent with a patient structure and a wealth of sonic details. Community Corporation's full The Salt Mines album can be streamed—not to mention ordered in cassette and digital forms—via Crisis Urbana's Bandcamp.

Grandmont-Rosedale War