Rebecca Brandt "Jivko (Policy Remix)"

Originally released in 2012, Rebecca Brandt's Numbers & Shapes LP collected 14 of the composer's electro-acoustic and modern classical explorations. Now, Brandt's album has been refitted to a more dancefloor-friendly form, enlisting the likes of Starkey, Doctor Jeep, and, featured here, NYC producer Policy to rework her compositions. In his hands, Policy wraps the rushing strings and melodic percussion of "Jivko" around a somewhat lopsided house shuffle, using the remix's extended runtime to patiently shift through a number of musical motifs and morphing sonic landscapes. Policy's rework can be grabbed below, or along with the rest of Brandt's Numbers & Shapes Revisited collection as a name-your-price download, here.

Jivko (Policy Remix)