Pamina "Blue Mountain"

Budding French duo Pamina (a.k.a. Nils Malgoyre and Pierre Romat) recently shared a mixtape in conjuction with fledgling UK outpost Lost Tribe, and will soon see its When We Were Young EP hit the stands on May 5 via the same label. Preceding that release, the Bordeaux-based pair has given us the feathery "Blue Mountain" from the aforementioned mix. The six-minute tune prominently features lightly skittering synths and distorted low-end tones, all of which are accented with gentle percussive arrangements and twinkling beeps. In addition to "Blue Mountain," Pamina's intriguingly eclectic Lost Tribe Mixtape can be streamed and downloaded for free after the jump.

1 Plaid - 35 summers
2 Desto - Caves (SLV Remix)
3 I am Legion - Sunken Submarine
4 Raffertie - You Could Be Forgiven For Thinking That
5 Pamina - Blue Mountain
6 Richelle - I Think
7 Pamina - Thug Garden
8 SLV - Fast Lane
9 Ital Tek - Challenger Deep
10 Deft - Perky
11 Eprom - Realization
12 Chrome Sparks - Lookin At Me
13 Deft - On The Other Side (Interlude)
14 Portishead - Machine Gun
15 Throwing Snow - Perca
16 Oneohtrix Point Never - I Only Have Eyes for You

Blue Mountain