DZA "Fluffernutter (813 Remix)"

Moscow production force DZA today returns to the fold with a new solo record, the five-track Big Bang EP—a release which finds Slugabed's Activa Benz label and DZA's own How2Make imprint working together for the first time. Full of glowing sonics, video-game inspired percussion, and a multitude of hybrid club rhythms, DZA's Big Bang EP closes with this remix from fellow Russian tunesmith 813, who reshapes "Fluffernutter" into a more floor-focused affair than DZA's original. On his remix, 813 spends the better part of its first half in what seems like a never-ending build-up, lacing the track with a steady stream of claps and tuned percussion runs. Finally, around the 1:20 mark, the track takes off with 813's procession of bulbous kicks and snares joined by a welcome flood of bright, melodic synths—all of which makes this refix fit right at home with the rest of the neon-streaked Big Bang EP.

Fluffernutter (813 Remix)