Dustin Zahn "Insatiable Hunger (Reprise)"

Minneapolis-raised producer Dustin Zahn is said to have spent the last four years working on Monoliths, the man's debut full-length which appeared via Drumcode just last week. Appearing late in the forceful, 12-track affair, Zahn's "Insatiable Hunger" production has been revisited for this efficient "Reprise" version of the tune. Placing razor-sharp synths and metallic textures atop a chugging rhythmic core, "Insatiable Hunger (Reprise)" is a no-bullshit piece of techno that only reluctantly cools off in its closing few bars. After giving Zahn's "Reprise" a spin below, the producer's entire debut full-length can be streamed after the jump.

Insatiable Hunger (Reprise)

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