Rambow "Shadows/Ice Melt Fiya"

19-year-old New York-based producer Rambow has managed to cut through the clamor with his fresh "Shadows/Ice Melt Fiya" track. Featuring two very distinct segments, the production's first half maintains a lethargic energy, with an emphasis on throwback keys that circle around soulful arpeggios, R&B vocal snippets, and a relaxed-but-cavernous bassline. At nearly the exact halfway point (which is marked with a record scratch), the closing portion of Rambow's track rapidly switches into a jungle-infused tune with a metallic, hollowed-out synth clanging to the beat. The new sound palette is backed by the same groaning low end as before, albeit ramped up to an exceedingly accelerated pace and overlayed by rapid vocal samples that only grow in intensity.

Shadows_Ice Melt Fiya