Carisma "Talento Matema?tico"

The Carisma project represents the combined efforts of Buenos Aires DJ/producers Carolina Stegmayer and Ismael Pinkler. Together, the pair recently delivered the Directamente EP for Matias Aguayo's consistently unpredictable and effortlessly fun Cómeme imprint, from which the loose-fitting "Talento Matema?tico" has been pulled. With a thick drum machine serving as the tune's backbone, "Talento Matema?tico" begins with a faint sequenced melody and wordless vocal echoes peppered with playful rythmic FX. Appearing to be in no rush, Carisma only begins to unfold the track well past its opening minute, lacing the tune with vintage chords stabs and new layers of charging hats which file in and out of the production as it runs its effortless course. In addition to this download of "Talento Matema?tico," Carisma has also passed along a video for its similarly vintage-leaning, Latin-tinged "Que Linda Tu Pradera," which can be watched in full after the jump.

Talento Matemático