Ter(r)a "Dumo"

Fledgling Detroit label Crisis Urbana is set to drop a new cassette this week, a split affair between budding hometown outfit Ter(r)a and Chapel Hill experimenter Lazy Magnet. Here, we have the tape's opening effort, "Dumo," Ter(r)a's loose-swung jaunt into the cooler ends of house. Fashioned around the familiar pulse of a steady drum machine, the production remains focused on a bluesy set of chords, which are joined by an evolving procession of tweaked synth arpeggios, refracted vocal samples, and a subtly grooving bassline. "Dumo" will be available alongside four other six other Ter(r)a originals and an untitled, one-sided work from Lazy Magnet when the outfits' split cassette drops today; the full effort can be heard over on Crisis Urbana's Bandcamp page.