Torkelsen "Megalodon"

Norwegian producer Torkelsen is no stranger to XLR8R's Downloads section, and today he returns again with "Megalodon," an ethereal tune lifted from his forthcoming LP Sattellittskygge, out May 30 via Selllout. The album's title, when translated from Norwegian, refers to places that satellites are not able to reach, a fitting encapsulation of Torkelsen's stratospheric track offered here. Clocking in at six minutes, "Megalodon" is an explorative sonic venture, one where no detectible hook or melody presents itself, and rather, the tune embarks autonomously on a journey of transformative stages. Beginning with rolling low-end insulated by soft synth pads, the production then continues on its trajectory, adding textures of lo-fi noise and a whistling arpeggio before taking a distinctively different path marked by the emergence of more complex percussive rhythms.