Natasha Kmeto "Deeply (Project Pablo Remix)"

Project Pablo is one of seven beatmakers who have been enlisted to remix Natasha Kmeto (pictured above) on the inaugural EP from the Bass Coast label, an off-shoot of the upcoming four-day festival taking place in Vancouver next month (and featuring the likes of dBridge, Addison Groove, and Graze in its line-up). Taking on Kmeto's "Deeply"—a track pulled from the West Coast producer's Crisis LP, her debut for Dropping Gems—Project Pablo reshapes the original into a piece of jacking house, adding crisp snares, loose hats, and a healthy amount of active synth work to Kmeto's relaxed vocals and processed piano. The Bass Coast label's first release, the Natasha Kmeto 2014 Remix EP, is currently available as a name-your-price download over on Bandcamp.

Deeply (Project Pablo Remix)